“Lyrical Libations” are an ode to the “Spiritual Abode” – poetic tributes to the 11 Spheres of the Paut Neteru. Thru poetic treatments, we seek to (1) open public conversation about Kemetic Philosophy, (2) contribute to a foundational understanding of ancient Egyptian “religion”, (3) seed the birth of a new genre – a new application of Hip Hop. Traditionally used as poetic justice for sufferance in the post-colonial urban experience, Lyrical Libations uses Hip Hop poetry to build a re-connection between modern thought and ancient life science.

“Our Spiritual Home (The Ausar Self Identity) remains, Just An Aum (Meditation) Away”

Just An Aum Away

by Esun the Jeweler (Enensa Amen) Jan 01, 2021

Anetch Hrak Atef
Mut Neter’ Auset
Mother of a Christ
Called Heru by Sheps

The Nile overflows
every time you wept
Ausar met his death
Never have you slept

Never shall forget
Old memories
of degrees we kept
that conceals our best

The Milk of Aum Tam
heals our flesh
Your womb holds the world
Like a pearl on your Tet

Yeye Yesod
Fullin’ ya waistbeads
Your devotion to God
The potion the race needs

for Lives to Matter
in times of Hades
The Virus:
Osiris’ enemies be shady

Your Juju’s flowin
River Euphrates
Slow, but you’re wet-nursin’
Spiritual babies

is not a Mid-East crisis
They honor — Black Madonna
So Priceless

The Holy Mother’s
not a Ghost that’s lifeless
She coaches my sacrifices

Poised in Turquoise
Mantra stir joys
Aum Vam Dhung
Calms the convoys

Yemayah voice
Chants Africana
Nana Esi, take me
To Kat[a]waa

Seashells, I see wells
of wis-dom
Echo in the cowries
I can hear a hum

Aum Vam Dhum
Stirring in the womb
Where the Moon-God be

Full Moon in Cancer
Ritual Stanza
Dance into trance
‘n perceive the answer

I am Auset
I can enter your pain
And expel it from your
ill heart, bones or brain

Home remains
Just An Aum Away
Tua Meri Aungkh
Khenemet Aungkh Heh

[ Instrumental Gap ] [ Libation Recitation ]

Lyric Breakdown Sheet – PDF