“Lyrical Libations” are an ode to the “Spiritual Abode” – poetic tributes to the 11 Spheres of the Paut Neteru. Thru poetic treatments, we seek to (1) open public conversation about Kemetic Philosophy, (2) contribute to a foundational understanding of ancient Egyptian “religion”, (3) seed the birth of a new genre – a new application of Hip Hop. Traditionally used as poetic justice for sufferance in the post-colonial urban experience, Lyrical Libations uses Hip Hop poetry to build a re-connection between modern thought and ancient life science.

“Heru don’t chill. Use Will to move mountains by ridding your ills.”

Kingship Reflection

Salute – to the Supreme Being
Itaem Heru in his Kingship
The king that rises at dawn
and declines in the evening

My animal is speaking
My Godhead is speaking
Will I choose the throne
or suffer self-impeachment

Free-Will is to choose
but when you fall into desire’s voice
Realize that lure
has denied you Choice

Utchat Aakhut
Eye of Heru
The eyesight that beholds
the life that you choose

It appears
to sit upstairs
and guide you through
From personal fear

To Inner Ausar
You realize Truth
Realization of Divine Self Imagery
Enables vibration of your highest energy

Nuk Au Neter
is the highest remedy
I’m dawn-rising, chanting Hlring
over a quiet melody

To acquire fidelity
Deny self-heresy
Focus spans a century
A skill from heredity

Progeny of Prophecy
Messiah of a Legacy
I conquer insincerity

And attention brevity
I live Maat
Leaving an Ankh for posterity

So the youth see solidarity
I’m up early
Hour-long focus on prosperity
Gluten-free for longevity

Stand between extremities
Balanced medium
Preserving semen

Transcending internal demon

HeruLife, We Up
Clad in white
6am, We Up
Ginseng roots

With the stem in the cup
Hard work is no prob-blem for us
God works thru hardships
To get us cut

We deal with destiny
Never wish for luck
Life is divine
So In Law We Trust

Watch the God work – hard work
Nothing we can’t handle
I roll with High Priests
And Living Examples

Aung Hliring we chant to
Grant you
A face on the bill
Your name in the guild

Nations to build
Against impediments
Imhoteps smoked out
In ‘Nycha’ tenements

Reason for root drinks
in Black Seed sediments
Fire up the physical
Ra-point, Tan-tien,

Moxa-stick rituals
Clock residuals
Get outta The Trap
Make a choice, spin the map

Reach back
Champion where we’re at
It’s still uphill
Nothin for human hearts

Yet to be still
Heru don’t chill
Use will to move mountains
By ridding your ills