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The Utchat, Eye of Heru, is a Kamitic talisman-amulet worn for the psychic strengthening of self-control and energetic protection.

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The Utchat (Oo Chot) is the “Eye of Heru”, the “eye of the will”. It symbolizes our ability to visualize what we will to achieve. Kamitic texts say that the deities whose bodies are composed of light nourish themselves on the celestial light supplied to them by the Eye of Heru. This refers to the subtle luminous matter out of which our images are formed.

Utchat semantics: “Ut” and “Utch” carry the meanings of strong, strength, command, and protection. The word roots are associated with brain, commander, strong names, and statutory laws. “Utcha” refers to protective amulets widely used across almost all religions and spiritual practices.

It is the left eye of Heru, which corresponds to the right side of the brain – which processes information visually. The right brain governs meaning and understanding and is responsible for the spiritual life of man. This brain hemisphere draws consciousness within. Its awakening and development require spiritual teachings, meditation, and the living of truth – all of which are part of the ritual practice of wearing the Utchat talisman. “Utcha” also means ‘weighing’, which is associated with reasoning and relativity.

In Kamitic scripture, the Utchat of Heru is used by the right hemisphere of the brain – the seat of Maat – as a chief means of resurrecting Ausar – the divine within. Finally, the Utchat is used in Kamitic funerary services. It adorns the deceased for protection and for the Ausarian resurrection that continues as the deceased passes through the stages of life in the inner planes.

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